Friday, March 26, 2010

Help I can't figure it out!!!!

Hi there,
If anyone reads this blog and can help me I would appreciate it.
While fooling around with my blog I somehow did something to my postings. They don't appear on my blog, instead it say post all post I don't know how that came about.
On a happier note tonight is Old Bags Night Out class. Once a month there is a class that starts at 6pm till 12am. We make a project, usually order out, laugh a lot, and just have an enjoyable time. This time instead of starting a new project I am going to finish a bag I didn't complete. Trying to do some of my UFO's before I start another new project.
Tomorrow is going to be fun too. The Piecemakers Quilt Guild is have their quilt show.
I go with my sister, Sis (alias Melissa), we get to spend the day together and enjoy the show.
Happy weekend to all,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saying Hi

Hi it's me. I haven't blogged about myself lately I really haven't a reason. I am surfing blog sites and enjoying them.
I have been working on St. Patrick Day wall hanging which I completed. Now I am on to completing a Leprechaun Banner.
I haven't got a good camera yet to show some of my projects, hopefully I will have one soon.
My problem with finishing a project comes when it is time to quilt it. I am ok at hand quilting but I can only do it for a short time. I am always nervous when I machine quilt because I am not good at it, although I took a chance on my St Pat's Day wall hanging and did a little free motion on it and was pleased.
A couple of weekends ago I went on a bus trip with a group of quilters to the New Jersey Quilt Show. The quilts were great,the vendors were great, and I enjoyed the variety of quilts they had. Even better than all that I got to spend time with my sister who is also a quilter.
Last Saturday was Party With Patrick at Yankee Quilter. Each month members get a disc with a quilting project and a couple of recipes. Barbara and Cheryl (owners of Yankee Quilter) make the recipes for that month. The members show their completed projects and of course it is oo and ah time.
Now I am off to help my grandson with a project on Abraham Lincoln.
I hope to have more completed project when I next blog.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today is cold and windy. Yesterday it snow all day but thankfully there wasn't as much accumulation as predicted. Today my grandson has a 2 hour school delay. I haven't been posting because I have been trying to setup my blog,but I have taken the time to look at other blogs. I did have some good times in the last couple of weeks. January 31st I went to a tea at the Yankee Quilter. I made a Valentine table runner and a small wall hanging. Barb and Sue made 3 different kinds of scones (yummy), lemon curd, and clotted cream. We had a lot of fun sewing and eating. Last Friday our guild, The Southford Quilt Guild, had a guest speaker,Jennifer O'Brien from the J.T. Trading Corp.,spray and fix aerosol adhesives(505spray etc.). She presented a truck show of quilts made with fabric give to her from her various travels. She also taught a class the following day on making landscapes from photos. I was looking forward to taking this class, unfortunately my grandson's pinewood derby was the same day.
Jennifer, however, gave a little preview of the class at the meeting that gave me some incite into her method of doing landscapes. I have made a few myself and I really like doing them.
I'm sorry I haven't any photos of my projects yet,I don't have a digital camera. However I am looking into getting one. I am having a problem with my blog buttons. All of them were working at one time, now some of them don't work. HELP!
I have been hand quilting every day for the last week. I am working on a Celtic
Table runner. It's machine pieced and hand appliqued.
Well that is it for now, Happy Quilting, E.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good Morning,
Today is Thursday and right now it is snowing. Later this afternoon we are suppose to have some icy conditions. I have been working on some projects but I haven't made much progress. My fault though. I have been doing other things, like knitting a scarf, reading the Scarpetta Factor.
This Sunday I am attending a Tea at Yankee Quilt. At this Tea we are going to make a table runner. The group is fun and we laugh alot. Barb, one of the owners, makes scones, clotted cream, lemon curd, and other goodies. So it is eat and sew, two of my favorite things. I hope that I will have something done to brag about. I'll have to get a digital camera to take photos of my projects. Wishing everyone a good day.E

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good Morning,
Today is Tuesday which means I get to take my grandson,Connor, to swimming after school tonight. For a child who was afraid of the water a year ago, he has certainly come a long. I am so proud of him, he is swimming in the 12 foot section and is now starting to dive.
I also have an appointment today.
I am hoping to finish up 1 more place mat I owe my sister-in-law then I am hoping to work on a 1/2 finish table runner that would work for Valentine's Day.

Monday, January 25, 2010

As you can see I have been playing around with Picasa 3 but instead of putting one flower I put 3 different sizes. I am not daunted by this though, I WILL learn. HAHA!!!


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Here I am but not sure where this post is going. I am like a toddler tittering around but instead of walking I am trying to blog.
Today was a very raining day, beside cleaning and reading, I have not accomplished very much. I did a major amount of cleaning, throwing, and saving the last few days which is major for me because I HATE TO CLEAN.
I did have some fun on Saturday. I went to Yankee Quilter (Our Area Quilt Shop) for Yankee University. Yankee University is a once a month Saturday where Cheryl and Barb (owners)
present a new technique etc. After the demo of course I had to buy something, so I purchased backing and borders for a partially complete table runner. Other than straighten out some of the UFO projects I haven't done any sewing.
I also went to a family get together which I love to do. We eat and laughed all night.
Now I have to get down to business about trying to achieving my goal for completing some of my hundreds of UFOs. I am exaggerating it not nearly a hundred.
Well hopefully the next time I post I will have some positive goal news.